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  • Development Snapshot Download Service
    A download service for developers to obtain the latest application data snapshot.
  • Dynamic DNS with external-dns
    This article quickly summarises how I now manage the DNS entry that points to the public IP address of my fibre connection, which is assigned a random new IP every 24 hours or so. This came about from deciding to switch from Route53 to Cloudflare for DNS management. I’d already prepared the destination zones on […]
  • Protected: Tangram Vector running in containers
    This content is password protected.
  • Azure CLI can’t find antlr4 python library
    I’m trying to run up a VM on Azure using CLI commands on my Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) workstation. I’m following the official instructions. On running the ‘az vm create’ command, I get the following error: Looks like the Azure CLI packages for Ubuntu have a dependency on ‘antlr4’ python library, and that isn’t being packaged […]
  • Deploying OPNSense to no-name WAN router hardware
    In this article, I will discuss my recent experience replacing an older SOHO WAN router running OPNSense with a newer one. Problem summary. I live and work in a remote area, which does not have the most reliable power and internet connections. I’ve addressed the intermittent power outages by installing a battery back-up system which […]
  • Grant read-only rights to backup user for PostgreSQL
    This one comes up quite regularly, so worthy of note. Whenever an application using Postgres changes or creates tables (i.e. Odoo module updates for example), those tables don’t seem to be accessible by the backups user on the next backup run. This is the SQL I use to work around it: GRANT SELECT ON ALL […]
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