Resume / Curriculum Vitae

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Name Ross Golder
Nationality British
Date of birth 20th November 1976

An enthusiastic IT professional, with a broad range of technical skills and experience.

Recent Work Experience ๐Ÿ”—

In that last year or so, I have been working in a DevOps/Infra/SRE team, helping to develop and support various EKS clusters and other AWS-based resources, along with the physical hardware and network connections for rack-based bare-metal services running in datacentres across South East Asia.

Before that, my main responsibilities in the preceding few years has involved transitioning my client’s legacy applications and development practices to use Docker containers, and setting up CI/CD and hosting production and staging environments on Kubernetes clusters in the cloud. As well as speeding up the development process, this allowed the applications to scale, which reduced the single points of failure, which increased the general resilience and up-time of the applications.

More recently, I have been working on improving the infrastructure and configurations involved in collecting and processing logs and metrics from the clusters, for automating reports and setting up threshold-based alerts. This is intended to improve our incident response times, and provide us with more data about the state of the the various components as they were at the time of the an incident. We can then identify the root cause of a problem more quickly and with more certainty.

I am experienced and comfortable working in Python, Go, C, Java and several other programming and scripting languages. I am familiar with many common modern network protocols, applications and technologies.

Out of hours ๐Ÿ”—

In my spare time, I help run a local sailing club where we teach youngsters to sail and compete at various national events throughout the year. When the wind is a bit stronger, I enjoy kite-surfing.

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Employment History ๐Ÿ”—

September 1993 to June 1994

  • ‘Trainee Programmer’ Partners Computer Systems Ltd North Street Thame Oxfordshire

My primary duty involved software development and support for bespoke improvements to a Business Management Suite called ‘Europa’. Europa was developed in Alpha Basic on an Alpha Microsystems minicomputer platform. I assisted in new installations and site relocations. I gained certification in AMOS (Alpha Micro Operating System) system administration.

September 1994 to November 1996:

  • ‘Software Developer’ VALE International Ltd CAS House Thames Industrial Estate Marlow Bucks SL7 1TB

My primary duty here involved software development and support for an international ‘Field Service Management System’ called ‘VALE’. VALE was originally developed in Pick, but later ported to UniBasic (from Unidata), so as to run on Unix variants. I was involved in fixing bugs, developing new features and writing bespoke reports to client’s requirements. My other duties included general technical support for some key international clients, and providing technical advice to the front-line support department. I was also involved in network planning, implementation, administration and management of the in-house network and assisted on-site for roll out of terminal, modem and printer solutions for our clients. I enjoyed the variety and challenge of my work, and the responsibilities of my roles.

December 1996 to November 1998:

  • ‘Web Master’ CPD Ltd 75 St Margarets Avenue Whetstone London N20 9LD

CPD is a company that sells access to a web-based commercial property database for estate agents across the UK. They also provide email and web services to their customers, and re-sell dial-up Internet access. My primary duty was to develop and support the commercial web and email services, and on-line database services, running on Linux servers. During my time there, I developed their network infrastructure, database structure and web application software, including porting their legacy Perl/CGI scripts to Java Servlets, upgrading and tuning their mySQL database, and moving their main server from a cupboard in the office connected to a 64k leased line router to a more appropriate server at a co-location facility to lower costs and provide better value-for-money. As the sole technical engineer, I covered a wide range of tasks, which strengthened my understanding of many areas of computer science. I enjoyed the challenges and the responsibility associated with running the technical side of a small company. Once the office network had been suitably configured, I worked mostly from home via an ISDN connection.

December 1998 to June 2000:

  • ‘Network Manager’ VALE International Ltd CAS House Thames Industrial Estate Marlow Bucks SL7 1TB

I returned to VALE to become a network administrator, looking after the day-to-day running of a simple but demanding network of around 20 users. I reported to the Technical Director, and assisted him wherever possible. Again, I was the sole technical engineer, and covered a variety of tasks. My time was spent responding to all kinds of technical requests, ranging from second-level customer support, to installing and deploying new application servers.

June 2000 to January 2001:

  • ‘Technical Manager’ CPD On-line Plc 1345 High Road Whetstone London N20 9LD

I returned to CPD to assist the new Technical Director with the on-going development of the network and software that host their web-site. They had since become a public limited company, and as I was the one who had originally developed their systems, I was the best choice. I was mostly responsible for bringing the company source code back into a central repository, and begin to tidy and document it in preparation for being worked on concurrently by multiple developers. I was also responsible for selecting and training new developers to join the company, and for upgrading the software and hardware on their key servers to cope with the expected growth of the company over the next few years.

February 2001 to June 2001:

  • Travelled across South-East Asia and Australia.

June 2001 to September 2002:

  • ‘Software Engineer’ Nildram Ltd Ardenham Court Oxford Rd Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP19 8HX

Reporting directly to the Technical Director, I was tasked with developing a new internal web-site, to be used by their front-line technical support team and service provisioning staff. I was also involved in helping the third-level support team with various technical queries related to the web and mail servers which were running a combination of Linux and FreeBSD. While the majority of my work involved PHP development, I was also involved in helping install and test new network services. I also spent time building and debugging network service applications written in C. I thoroughly enjoyed this role, and learned a lot about network traffic analysis, systems management, monitoring and disaster recovery procedures. I also spent several days performing hardware upgrades at Telehouse Docklands in London, where I saw how most of the Internet traffic in the UK is routed between ISPs and internationally.

October 2002 to March 2006:

  • ‘Managing Director’ Golder Software Systems Ltd 349/1 Moo 6 Thong Chai BangSaphan PrachuabKirikhan Thailand 77190

I moved to Thailand to be with my girlfriend, and set up a small software development company in order to support us financially. My primary business was development of various in-house database-driven web applications (using PHP) for a new client in Jersey, along with consultancy and support for their network services and infrastructure. I also provided on-going support for them and my other previous employers.

April 2006 to December 2006:

  • Freelance technical consultant Spring Bank Brook Street Kingston Blount Oxfordshire England OX39 4RZ

I returned to work in the UK again, providing the services to my previous employers and clients. During this time, I was mostly responsible for reworking a large and hastily created web application. The original author had hard-coded the HTML, CSS and Javascript into monolithic PHP scripts. I began a process of reworking the monolithic scripts into libraries of shared common code and moving the hard-coded layout and styling code into a set of templates that use XSLT to generate the HTML in a more consistent and easily maintainable fashion. I was also responsible for assisting the other developers in implementing new features and modifying existing features of the site as dictated by the constantly changing circumstances of the business.

January 2007 to now

  • R.O.S.S. Golder Ltd 349/1 Moo 6 Thong Chai Bang Saphan Prachuab Kirikhan Thailand 77190

During this time, I have largely been responsible for covering the backups, monitoring and security maintenance responsibilities for my existing client’s network infrastructure, spread across various service providers, but have increasingly been involved in creating the automated build/test/deploy stages of a CI/CD pipeline to provide for important additional QA steps to be added to the live release procedure for our main e-commerce sites. The majority of my recent work has involved managing Kubernetes clusters using Terraform across AWS, Azure, GCP and custom clusters on other hosting providers, as well as writing custom python code for the provisioning of services with those clusters.

Tools and service experience ๐Ÿ”—

  • Hosting Platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP, Vultr, others.

  • Network Provisioning: Kubernetes, Rancher2, Terraform, Ansible.

  • Network Monitoring Tools: Prometheus etc., Nagios/Icinga.

  • Desktop Operating Systems: Ubuntu/Debian Linux.

  • Programming Languages: Python, Golang, NodeJS, PHP, Java, C

  • Query Languages: SQL, PromQL, XPath.

  • Markup Languages: XML, HTML, JSON, YAML.

  • Server Application Frameworks: WordPress, Odoo.

  • Web Client Frameworks: Angular.

  • Development Tools: vi/Atom, ssh, git, Firefox/Firebug, Apache, OpenOffice, Google.